orange – red – mobile – type – thingy!

Curious if anyone can guess the location and approximate date of this polaroid….? (maybe I’ll buy the closest guess a drink). And if anyone knows the name of this orange-red-mobile-type-thingy then I will buy you a drink, because I have no idea of it’s name!

PS: It’s a real polaroid (not an iphone app)

4 Responses to “orange – red – mobile – type – thingy!”
  1. Kwok-Ming Cheng says:

    My guess it is a snow transporter. I’ll get back to you on the date.

  2. helendennis says:

    FYI: via facebook Paul Behnke says “I’ll say Germany, 1982.”

  3. helendennis says:

    Paul also says ” Bombardier B12 – Canada? a lot of the pics I found were from the 50’s —70’s ”

    I say: Keep guessing!

    Although, it must be called a Bombardier B12….

  4. helendennis says:

    I just realised that I didn’t reveal the location and date of this polaroid….
    It was taken in Iceland this past August! So although it looks like a 70’s throwback I assure you it still looked up and running when I took the picture (using a Polaroid 600, just in case you are interested)!

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