Venice is really quite breath taking. I always promised myself I would only visit with a lover (or if I was invited to be in the Venice Biennale). Thankfully on this occasion I broke my promise and went.. Amongst the labyrinth of alleyways I came across some incredible masks. It just so happened that this … Continue reading

Could a kindle compare?

Show me a kindle that can compete with this… In Brescia, Italy where books were being cleared from a basement and dumped in the street. I haven’t yet taken to the kindle/nook thing. I’m not so keen on the idea of a library being contained on a flash drive. It’s not the most inspiring way … Continue reading

sounds like a storm brewing

…so it’s the perfect time to be in the studio. Black ink scratchboard sketch.

Ingredients of an Art Residency

A few essentials combined to concoct some art.. Some architectural elements:           A few art materials (that was fun clearing security)! Big open skies are great, mixed in with some moody evening light. Local specialty, this should make for a good balanced diet.      And…. someone to manage the mess. I guess that would … Continue reading

Studio view with invisible mountains!

Corte Moronati AIR – View from the studio with mountains in the background hidden by haze.              

Corte Moronati Art Residency

It seems I resuscitate my blog every time I travel and today is no different, I’m breathing a little life back into it… (although I’ll make every effort to maintain this beyond my travels). Alas, I’m in Italy! I made it to Sirmione, and it’s beautiful. I’m more than happy to call this home for … Continue reading