Looking out the gallery window!

Took a quick snap with my phone at The LAB Gallery. John was taking all the proper pictures with all his photo gear…. and I had my phone to hand! Photo: Taken at The LAB Gallery, Lexington Ave. & 47th Street, NYC Advertisements

Been looking for an antique gramophone for years, but I’d settle for one of these…

Coffee Shop Record Player

I’ve been looking for a gramophone for years, in fact ever since I feel in love with one in an antique shop window 10+years ago in Nicosia, Cyprus. Couldn’t buy it because getting it home would have been a bit costly, and fundamentally the shop was closed! Then I saw an Edison phonograph, with cylinders … Continue reading

Dress to impress – with a ‘Double Windsor’

There are no excuses now. Lets face it, we all know a double windsor knot looks the best. I only know of one guy, I should say gentleman, who can tie them, and tie them well. I think I’ve managed it on a couple of occasions, but I’m not so partial to wearing a tie … Continue reading

A thing about chairs!

Perhaps I have a thing about chairs! It seems that every studio I have had can be represented by a chair… Reykjavik, Iceland: … and images of my various studios in; Reykjavik / Brooklyn / Beijing / Long Island City That could explain this: Take a Seat – Bryant Park, NYC photographic drawing, 10 x … Continue reading


What a great sunset to welcome me to Iceland. And I just can’t tell you how much the cooler weather is a relief from the hot and sticky New York that I left behind. Picture: a quick snap taken with my iPhone at 11pm! It hadn’t crossed my mind before but the sunsets are longer … Continue reading