FIXING THE SKY : a sneak preview of a space in transformation

EXHIBITION: A sneak preview of a space in transformation… video soundtrack “Groene Hart” by HOOL  To see the full transformation and to hear live music by HOOL…. FIXING THE SKY An exhibition featuring artwork by Nicole Pietrantoni, Amy Sacksteder, Helen Dennis, and Island Projects Viewing Dates: February 10th – 12th, 2011 Opening Reception: Thursday, February … Continue reading

Found a darkroom!

Not just a room that is dark, but an actual darkroom… the kind that involves making photographic images of sorts! However, it’s a darkroom with a difference! Living in a building that once belonged to the Coast Guard not only makes for great sea views, but also a selection of disused cartography equipment – hence the … Continue reading

Gone fishing…

Reykjavik harbour,  en route to Viðey island.

Still-life in Icelandic Art

This could explain why Iceland is the third largest consumer of Coco Cola per capita, according to the internet – so don’t quote me on that… However it would also explain the endless stacks of the stuff in the supermarket… Artwork (above right) is “Verðandi … Skuld” (to become…debt), by Rósa Gísladóttir currently on view in an exhibition called … Continue reading

A creature in the cloakroom…

Sometimes, most-times (in fact more often than not), the interior of a museum is as captivating as the art it houses. Personally I like the coat hangers! I’m sure they are the remains of a creature that once lurked in the depths of the cloakroom…  (I’m feeling inspired to go whale watching now) Taken by … Continue reading

Been looking for an antique gramophone for years, but I’d settle for one of these…

Coffee Shop Record Player

I’ve been looking for a gramophone for years, in fact ever since I feel in love with one in an antique shop window 10+years ago in Nicosia, Cyprus. Couldn’t buy it because getting it home would have been a bit costly, and fundamentally the shop was closed! Then I saw an Edison phonograph, with cylinders … Continue reading