Projected Drawings (video)

Currently getting underway… and throughout the summer… I’ll be working on one massive drawing that will fill The LAB Gallery space on the corner of 47th and Lexington Avenue. Here’s a little more info about it: The LAB Gallery July 8-September 2, 2011 The show Projected Drawings, will unite the notions and essence of photography into … Continue reading

What I get up to in my studio… (video)

Music by Esbjörn Svensson Trio Lets see if I can get this vimeo thing to work….

Found a darkroom!

Not just a room that is dark, but an actual darkroom… the kind that involves making photographic images of sorts! However, it’s a darkroom with a difference! Living in a building that once belonged to the Coast Guard not only makes for great sea views, but also a selection of disused cartography equipment – hence the … Continue reading

A thing about chairs!

Perhaps I have a thing about chairs! It seems that every studio I have had can be represented by a chair… Reykjavik, Iceland: … and images of my various studios in; Reykjavik / Brooklyn / Beijing / Long Island City That could explain this: Take a Seat – Bryant Park, NYC photographic drawing, 10 x … Continue reading